Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Me, Myself and Valrina

Hi I am a 32 year old Indian living in US for past 5 years. Not sure why ibut i think that i should write about myself. I am just like any other middle age Indian or Desi licing in US. What that means automatically is that i work for a software company, own a honda, Nissan or Toyota and fantasize about blonds and starting my own start-up someday. Can you believe it, really odd combination, isn't it? Valrina, actually Valrin is the name i formed by combining the names of two blonds i know the best.

Anyway, i am getting digressed. So why i want to blog, not sure, maybe just to try it out, may be just to see if there is anyone out there, doesn't have to be blond or a venture capitalist who is interested in what i have to say.

There is nothing special about me except to the extent we are all special. I think i am an ordinary guy, sensitive, emotional at times, cold heatrted , calculative other times, feerless yet timid at the same time, adventurous yet, risk averse. Am i describing myself or hiding some truth. Not sure man, i am an Indian. The only person harder to read than an Indian is a woman. Seraiously, we Indians are so closed, hiding so much inside our techie brains that if someone tries to do a search, he'll burst thye google. Now i am not sure if that even makes any sense. Can you really burst google? I mean there is so much to search on a topic that google never returns, can that happen?
Anyway, i was wondering what if we blog simultaneously. You and I, living in small pieces in our own small worlds, yet connected by an invisible wire called, what else, Internet. I am not much of a philosopher either. Why am i being so self deprecating? Typically i take myself very seriously, as a philosopher, as a professional as a human being. Lord Krishna said, "that my freind is a problem" You taking yourself is a big problem, according to Lord Krishna. He said, the world is his creation, He decides what happens when, who lives, who dies, who takes birth who gives birth, then why should a human being take himself so serously. Why should he even take God seriously if God has left him so little choice.
Anyway i think i am getting distracted. Please come back and read on if you interested in more such musings. That's all i have to give to this world. If you find this interesting, that means there more diwane's in this world like me.
I will try to give some shape to the blog in my future postings.
Shubh Ratri!